Let's stop chasing the market!

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Last August, for most traders around the world, it was very quiet. Most of the currency pairs fluctuated slightly. Markets that have little volatility or, in other words, do not move up or down are markets with which it is very difficult to make money in any trading system. For a trader to make money, volatility must be high and markets must move freely. Over the past month I have seen many traders lose a lot of money. This is because they did not adjust to the calm conditions and pursued the market.

What is chasing the market?

Pursuing the market is when traders simply cannot avoid trading even though they know full well that such transactions are not ideal at the moment. Many traders have this weakness and it is only a matter of time before they suffer a hard blow to their accounts.

Let the market come to you

Professional agents have one thing in common, and that is that they never pursue the market or operate solely for its benefit. Professional agents know that there will always be more operations and opportunities and therefore they let the market reach them.

All professional traders have a limit they use to identify trading opportunities in the marketplace. For a professional trader, his job is easy, as he does not enter the market or make a transaction unless there is a very clear opportunity that meets his income criteria.

Merchants who lose mo

Let's stop chasing the market!
Let’s stop chasing the market!

To be part of the special group of traders who constantly make money you will need to make some changes in your negotiating approach. You must first select your trading strategy, such as trading the stock price. Once you have selected your trading strategy you need to refine it. What all this really means is getting to know a few settings (good and reliable) like the back of your hand. To make money in the forex markets you don’t need to know 100 input signals. You just need to know 2 or 3 perfectly.

Once you are familiar and confident with your negotiation technique, it is a matter of learning to control yourself and start trading like a pro! Stop chasing the market and jump into the void. Instead, come in only when the market is screaming with a really obvious signal.

Don’t make the mistake of other traders who think more trading means more money. This position is, in fact, quite the opposite of what really works, and if you want to make money you need to start doing exactly the opposite of what almost all traders are doing! If most traders are constantly losing money you would do well to stop listening to them and start doing things differently!

There is a very popular saying in the forex financial world: “the trend is your friend”. While you can hear many traders say these words, most do not know why or how to trade the trend is so important.

This short article is going to cover some very simple Price Share trades that have recently been formed that could have introduced you to the existing trend and offer you a very rewarding and low risk trade.

You will notice that all the settings I am going to cover are on the 4-hour chart or the daily chart. I have discussed in previous articles about the power of longer terms and that when combined with the trend you can really detect some highly likely configurations.

The first trade to be covered is on the 4-hour chart of the GBP/CAD. The key to this operation was that the price moved with a downward trend and then went back up. This strength in the market or upward rotation is what gave traders the opportunity to enter this market in an area of value.

To confirm the trade the price formed a bearish wrap bar that traders could use to enter this trade with the trend.

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